Champagne Diamond Jewelry

Cognac and champagne diamond jewelry provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the splendor of diamonds with a more personal and individual personality. These unconventional beauties make for a bold fashion statement, versatile enough to be worn as separate pieces or as adornments to distinct designer clothing.

Simply put, a champagne diamond is any natural diamond with a brownish hue to it. However, there are a wide range of color grades which fall under the champagne diamond spectrum, including a tasty chocolate diamond ring.

Deep beneath the earth’s surface, a champagne diamond is formed through billions of years of intense pressure and heat. Trace elements and subtle distortions provide the rich browns and champagne sparkles prevalent within the diamond crystal of champagne jewelry. Continue reading

Champagne Diamond Bracelet

There’s nothing like a champagne diamond bracelet to enhance your look for an evening out. With quiet, natural tones and beautiful shades that range from light champagne to a dark, deep brown, champagne diamond jewelry will add sophistication and elegance to any wardrobe. Discover where champagne and other brown diamonds originate and how to gauge their quality so that you get the very best value on your next champagne diamond jewelry purchase.

The majority of natural champagne diamonds come from the Argyle Mine in Australia. The term natural here means the color is created naturally as the gem forms in the earth. Continue reading

Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a truly timeless symbol of love, but something that is more distinct than a traditional diamond engagement ring consider looking at champagne diamond engagement rings. This beautifully soft colored stone is a wonderful way to express love and individuality. Plus champagne diamond jewelry has a classic look that will never go out of style.

There are a few things you should consider when looking at this specific jewelry, and especially something as important as an engagement ring. You want to think about what type of diamond you want or is in your budget. There are a few different types available so you should know the difference before you start shopping.

It is also important to find a setting that will compliment this beautiful stone. You don’t want a champagne diamond ring that has such a busy setting you don’t fully appreciate the sparkling stone at the center of it. Both the diamond itself and the setting you choose are very important in this symbolic ring. Continue reading

Cognac Diamond Ring

As brown diamonds, like those seen in the rich cognac diamond ring, have become increasingly popular so has our love for these natural colored brown beauties. These diamonds somehow feel timeless and classic yet they still have a contemporary edge to them, making them incredibly appealing to a wide range of people. While they are savoring their time in the spotlight now, it is likely these cognac colored diamonds will remain popular and sought after for many years to come.

Cognac diamonds are deeper in color and more rare than the lighter colored champagne diamonds found in champagne diamond jewelry so they are generally considered more valuable. The color of a cognac diamond is often described as Continue reading