Chocolate Diamond Rings

Just the combination of the words chocolate and diamond evokes a rich, sultry feeling. When you blend two well-loved things together, you are bound to elicit a warm response. You’ll find rings with chocolate diamonds make a perfect romantic gift for women who love jewelry as it blends two favorite romantic items into one. To create an even bigger hit present it with a classy box of quality chocolates, or a favorite chocolate dessert.

However, the nebulous nature of the Internet makes it important to distinguish legitimate Le Vian chocolate diamonds from people trying to ride Le Vian’s coat tails. Much of the information out there doesn’t apply directly to chocolate diamonds, yet there are still specific standards and distinctions that identify the gems adorning the diamond rings worth your investment.

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Le Vian trademarked the term chocolate diamonds so to get a true chocolate diamond ring look for their quality brand. But because brown diamonds have become more popular you will find a variety of shades like champagne and cognac diamonds at many fine jewelry stores.

However, you’ll find a more broad range of quality and expense when browsing these different colored gems than you may expect. Not everyone understands their increasing value, and not all brown diamond rings feature the true attributes of a quality piece of jewelry. I will try to guide you to a better understanding of these delicious chocolate diamond jewelry delights.

Chocolate Diamond Rings

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Chocolate diamond jewelry has become increasingly popular as we see celebrities adorned with these beautiful gems on and off of the red carpet. In general colored versions of these stones have received more attention lately. But many of them, such as the natural colored pink diamond, are so rare they are way out of price range for most normal people. If you know how to evaluate them and you know how to shop them, brown diamond rings offer an appealing compromise, providing you a dazzling and tasty appearance without breaking the bank.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

The nice thing about the chocolate diamond ring is that it offers a more affordable yet brilliant colored stone set in a reasonable and versatile piece of jewelry. Don’t equate affordable with drab as they can still be quite stunning. You can find chocolate diamonds in a range of colors from the lighter champagne diamond to a slightly darker cognac diamond to the rich dark chocolate diamond. You can either buy the stone separate and have the ring custom made, or you can choose from an already designed and set brown diamond ring.

You can even buy a chocolate diamond engagement ring if want something unique and non-traditional. While chocolate diamond engagement rings have become a bit more popular they are still quite unique. Most people you know likely have the traditional white diamond engagement ring. So purchasing a chocolate diamond wedding ring can really make yours stand out from the rest. It isn’t just a stereotype: the thrill of diamonds and chocolates together make chocolate diamond rings for women an excellent proposition.

If you still want a traditional ring but you want to add a distinct touch you can use chocolate or champagne diamond jewelry as an accent. This helps make the ring really stand out while maintaining a traditional, classic elegance.

A chocolate diamond band makes a great anniversary ring. It consists of a single row of small brown diamonds in a continuous circle in the band, symbolizing eternity.

Chocolate diamonds work very well with gold, silver or platinum. So you can easily find chocolate diamond rings in any of these metals or design the ring yourself choosing the type of precious metal you want. Some women will only wear either gold or silver toned jewelry but this isn’t a problem with these brown gems as they go well with either.

Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

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Chocolate diamond rings are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to chocolate diamond jewelry. You can find pretty much any piece of jewelry you like made with these beautiful brown stones. I’ve seen some beautiful chocolate diamond necklaces, bracelets and stunning chocolate diamond earrings.

In some cases the brown diamond itself is the centerpiece, but other times you will find the brown diamonds surrounding the centerpiece. Another great setting is a mix of small white and small chocolate diamonds arranged in a classic design.

Chocolate diamonds work really well with white diamonds, pearls or other light colored gems like aquamarine. Aquamarine and chocolate diamonds make a particularly attractive combination, especially with an aquamarine in the center with the sparkling brown diamonds surrounding it. An aquamarine and chocolate diamond ring set this way can be quite stunning. But my favorite is still a well designed mix of white and chocolate diamonds.

Some of you may be wondering about the difference between chocolate diamond jewelry and champagne diamond jewelry. I’ll go into this more in the section below, but the two main differences are the following: First, the chocolate variety tends to be a darker, richer hue than champagne diamonds. Second, and more importantly, the term chocolate diamonds specifically belongs to the Le Vian Corporation, who wisely trademarked and branded the term “chocolate diamond.” So technically speaking, true chocolate diamonds must come from Le Vian. Don’t worry — many fine jewelers carry Le Vian chocolate diamond rings.

Chocolate Diamonds

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There are a few different types of diamonds used for a chocolate diamond ring and other chocolate diamond jewelry. What you choose to buy will vary based on your budget and your reasons for wanting the jewelry. For those of you wondering about the definition, to be honest, it really is a confusing bit of semantics involving mostly marketing terms.

While some different organizations have created different standards and diamond grading scales, none of these brown diamond grading scales have experienced universal acceptance yet. So terms like cognac, champagne and chocolate generally refer to the same color spectrum of precious gems, though chocolate usually refers to a darker hue than champagne or cognac and the term chocolate diamonds has been patented and branded by the Le Vian Corporation (as mentioned earlier). You may even see some black diamond rings referred to as chocolate, though that is technically incorrect.

So if you are put off by the prices of products with the chocolate label, don’t hesitate to consider champagne diamond rings as suitable alternatives.

Natural colored diamonds are the most valuable and expensive because they are rare. This is especially true if you are looking for an intense colored jewel. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) can provide more information on exactly how these diamonds are graded.

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Man made or cultured diamonds are more affordable because brown is a little easier for them to create. They are still genuine diamonds but they are made by people in a lab instead of by mother nature. So most people will never know whether your brown diamond ring is natural or lab created.

The other type commonly used is an enhanced or coated diamond. This is when a diamond that is naturally low color, and thus not desirable for jewelry, is color enhanced in a lab. These are typically the most affordable and they can still be quite beautiful. Just make sure you aren’t fooled into paying natural diamond prices for a color-enhanced diamond.

As you can see from these different possibilities, it is important you obtain a gem lab report and an appraisal when you invest in one of these precious gems. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for less reputable jewelers to try pass off a color-enhanced or man-made diamond for a natural diamond.

Gem Lab Reports and Appraisals

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As you read in the previous section, you will find many variables confusing the brown diamond ring market. These variables include descriptive terms, like honey, cinnamon, and clove in addition to the popular and appealing chocolate term, with different meanings used for these descriptive terms depending on the manufacturer. You may even see some yellow diamond rings that don’t look too far off from what you expect to be labeled champagne.

Additionally, there are many different ways the final gem can be created, from true natural chocolate or champagne diamonds to lab created diamonds to color-enhanced diamonds. The value will vary depending on whether they are natural or lab created chocolate diamonds so be certain you receive or obtain the following documents when you invest in a richly colored piece of diamond jewelry:

  1. Even well-known and highly reputable jewelers are known to inflate diamond values in the appraisal they provide purchasers. So it is critical you take your jewelry to an independent, certified third party jeweler or certified gemologist to receive a second appraisal.
  2. Always obtain and keep all proper certificates when you make this investment. These diamond certificates are also known as gem lab reports. A gem lab report is different from a diamond appraisal. A gem lab report provides detailed scientific data on a gem’s type and grade, without regard for market value.

To make sure you purchase a high quality and genuine chocolate diamond ring, always make sure you receive or obtain these two specific documents. Additionally, these documents are often required for jewelry insurance, so keep them safe and secure should you ever need to seek an insurance settlement on your valuable gemstones. Also, if the ring’s documents don’t explicitly exhibit the Le Vian trademark, it’s not an authentic chocolate diamond.

Where to Buy Chocolate Diamond Rings

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While I’m a big proponent of online shopping, buying diamonds online can be a delicate matter, so please be very careful. However, if you’re browsing for styles and comparing prices while looking for chocolate diamond rings for sale, keep in mind that the chocolate diamond rings Kay Jewelers carries and the chocolate diamond rings Jared or Zales carry will all originate from Le Vian.

If they are not branded by Le Vian, they should carry a name like champagne or cognac rather than chocolate. If your appraisal and gem lab reports are strong and you don’t mind not having authentic chocolate jewelry, you don’t necessarily need to buy a chocolate diamond in order to enjoy the rich, succulent hue and dazzling sparkle of a deliciously colored diamond ring.

For a quick run down on where to buy chocolate engagement rings or chocolate diamond wedding bands online, consider the following well-known jewelers.


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Le Vian at Jared
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Additionally, the Le Vian website can help you find a certified chocolate diamond ring seller near you: Le Vian Sellers

Whether you are looking specifically for chocolate diamond rings or another piece of chocolate diamond jewelry you should be able to find a pretty good selection in your local jewelry store or at a reputable online jewelry store. Since Le Vian coined the term chocolate diamonds they are the authentic source; just look for the Le Vian chocolate diamond ring. But because they have made these brown gems popular other companies are now carrying varying shades of these rich brown diamonds.